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Growing up in the small town of Dartmouth in southeastern Massachusetts, I
always felt there was so much more that the world had to offer; and so in 2018
after receiving my diploma from Dartmouth High School, I would make the effort
to follow through with that dream of seeing the world, determining the best option
in that regard would be to start that journey somewhere far from home; and what
better place than the other side of the country?
After a short time living in Oregon and Washington in the spring & summer
of 2019, I knew I had made an excellent choice; and after returning to New
England having realized I had made a premature decision going out there as
unprepared as I was, I made my permanent move to Salem in late August of 2023;
and had just as soon began attending a local real estate course, taking the first steps
in starting my career in Real Estate. Now, since becoming officially partnered with
Reger Homes, I could not overstate my confidence and enthusiasm in my future
helping people find their forever home.


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